Jerry Wills

When God Sighs

Unveiling the Mysteries of Intuitive Healing: My Journey with the Observer Effect and Divine Intervention

In the realm of holistic health, an intriguing phenomenon known as “intuitive healing” has been capturing the imagination of both enthusiasts and skeptics alike. It centers around individuals, including myself, who possess a rare psychic gift, enabling us to pinpoint hidden ailments within our clients that remain elusive to conventional diagnostic methods. Even more baffling is our ability to correct, identify, or enhance a client’s condition, all without a clear scientific understanding of the underlying process.

Several years ago, I embarked on a journey to unravel the enigma of “touch” or “faith” healing. My quest was driven by a burning curiosity to decipher how healers like myself could induce rapid transformations in damaged or injured tissues. Despite concrete evidence that something profound was transpiring, the ‘how’ and ‘why’ continued to elude us. In the absence of scientific explanations, such occurrences were often attributed to the vague concept of “God’s Will.” However, as I delved deeper into the mysteries, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of quantum physics.

Since 1998, quantum physics has undergone a significant evolution, offering us a fresh perspective on energy and its intricate relationship with our thoughts. A groundbreaking concept emerged – the Fifth Law of physics, the Observer Effect. This law posits that during any experiment, the outcome is more likely to align with the expectations of the observer, provided those expectations exist. In the absence of such expectations, predictability becomes an elusive notion.

When applied to the realm of intuitive healing, the Observer Effect suggests that both the healer and the client, including myself, play pivotal roles in determining the outcome of the healing process. The more positive emotions both parties bring to the table, the greater the potential for a favorable outcome.

But what about the divine in all of this? Science has yet to measure or quantify God, so divine intervention does not factor into the equation when attempting to explain these phenomena. Success in intuitive healing hinges upon the existence of a shared belief system between the healer and the client, rooted in a fundamental understanding of the process.

However, the reality often deviates from this ideal scenario. Many individuals turn to intuitive healers, including myself, as a last resort, their hope dwindling after exhausting conventional medical avenues. These seekers, often in dire need, harbor one profound desire – a miracle. This presents a common yet profoundly challenging scenario for intuitive healers, demanding from us composure, focus, and unwavering intuitive clarity. In many cases, the healer becomes the last beacon of hope for their clients.

But what happens when the anticipated results fail to materialize? Is it the mental state of the client that is to blame? How can that be the case if the client is a child or incapacitated? These are questions that haunt healers, who have witnessed both remarkable success stories and heartbreaking disappointments. While it’s tempting to attribute the lack of desired results to the healer’s abilities or their intuitive connection, seasoned healers like myself know when the energy flow has been harnessed correctly.

When outcomes veer away from expectations, it becomes evident that an external force is at play, one that science has yet to decode. To simplify this concept, some lean on Newtonian physics and refer to this force as “God: The First Law of physics.”

Is it possible that God is intervening and blocking the process? Could it truly be “God’s Will” that thwarts the desired outcome? These questions have confounded many healers, including myself. When the expected results fail to manifest, it becomes a Herculean task to provide answers to desperate individuals seeking solace and hope.

For years, I personally grappled with feelings of inadequacy and self-blame when outcomes fell short of my expectations. It took considerable time for me to recognize that my ego, rather than my spiritual understanding, was fueling this sense of failure. I gradually came to the realization that my desire for a specific outcome was rooted in personal will, not spiritual alignment.

During meditation and introspection, I mulled over various potential explanations for these less-than-expected outcomes. My inner musings led me to consider possibilities, ranging from “their higher self resists this healing” to “perhaps it’s not in their life plan to recover” and “some individuals are unwell due to unresolved emotional issues beyond my influence.”

There were instances when I attempted to impose change through sheer willpower, driven by the urgency and fervor of both the client and myself to restore robust health. Yet, invariably, these attempts yielded unsatisfactory results.

Over time, I arrived at a profound realization. I understood that there exists a higher presence, beyond the realm of human will and control, which steps in when outcomes defy expectations. This presence, which I have come to view as a protective mechanism, shields individuals from unwarranted or undesirable changes. Healing, I now comprehend, unfolds through grace and takes on myriad forms. Sometimes, it is not at all what was expected.

As intuitive healers, we inevitably encounter clients for whom our assistance seems futile. In such instances, it becomes imperative for both the client and the healer to engage in a dialogue about the “law of the soul.” This law, I have come to believe, is a directive from a higher plane of existence, a path preordained by the choices made by the client before their birth. It is a directive that cannot be altered or contested, except in certain circumstances by the client themselves.

The outcomes of healing, whether deemed “successful” or “unsuccessful,” are not the sole purview of the healer. Rather, they are a manifestation of the client’s inner self, their connection to their Higher Self, and ultimately, God’s Will.

While the physical manifestation of healing may not always align with our expectations, the act of seeking and experiencing love and connection to God through intuitive healing is, in itself, an act of faith. And, the journey to the healer is a pilgrimage in its own right offering a distinct form of healing, fostering a deeper connection to God and inner reconciliation.

In conclusion, both clients and intuitive healers like myself must celebrate our successes and explore our “failures” with an open and reflective mind. Within these experiences lie profound lessons and deeper insights into spiritual wisdom and the universe. These revelations elevate us, granting us a deeper understanding of our existence, always drawing us closer to the God within and the boundless realm we call our “home.”