Jerry Wills

The Healers Mantra

by Jerry Wills 

I Am Peace 

I Am Love 

I Am Eternity 

I Am But One Image of God, Perfect & Whole 

I Am Responsible for His Garden 

I Am Co-Creator of the Universe 

Never Separated 

Always Connected 

Before My Next Step I Have Created the Firmament 

Before My Next Breath I Create the Atmosphere 

As I Open My Eyes I Create All I Will See 

My Face Is God’s Mirror 

The Light From My Eyes Is Creations Radiance 

I Am Completed Peace, Love and Eternity 

I Am, And Have Always Been, Eternal 

I Am But One Image of God, Perfect and Whole 

My Soul Is Not Just Within, But Surrounds Me and All Whom I Encounter 

I Am The Spirit and Essence of The Earth 

I Am The Cosmos 

I Am The Image Of God Finally Revealed 

Look Deep Within Me and See Yourself As I See You 

See Yourself As I Have Seen Myself 

One Image Of God 

Perfect and Whole 

That I Am Provides A Simple, Yet Powerful Truth 

God Lives Here… 

A B O U T   T H E   H E A L E R S   M A N T R A 

In the stillness of the night, a time when the world quiets and the veil between the physical and spiritual realms seems thinnest, I experienced something profound, a moment that would forever alter my understanding of healing and the divine connection we all share. This experience unfolded one unassuming evening, as the clock neared 2 am, a time that for me, has always felt as natural as dusk to others.

As Kathy completed her nightly rituals, I lay in bed, my mind drifting into the serene embrace of relaxation. Closing my eyes, I anticipated the gentle, familiar descent into sleep. Instead, I found myself instantly transported to a realm of darkness, not of fear or void, but of vivid, waking lucidity. It was as though I had stepped into a dream, yet with a clarity and awareness that was unmistakably real.

The experience unfolded rapidly. From the shroud of darkness, faces emerged, one after another, approaching me. Men and women, embodying every race and age, each paused before me. Their gazes locked with mine, they spoke a single line from a passage, their words resonating deep within my soul. The intensity of their passion was palpable, each phrase a transmission of profound truth, meant for me to hear, to understand, and to remember.

Then, a tall black man approached, his presence commanding yet gentle. With a statement of simple but infinite depth, he pointed to his heart, declaring, “That I Am Provides A Simple, Yet Powerful Truth. God Lives Here.” Unlike the others, he did not retreat into the darkness. Instead, he stepped closer, his gaze unwavering, his smile a beacon of warmth. “Jerry, do you understand?” he asked. His request was clear: to remember and share the wisdom imparted to me.

Confused, I inquired about the identity of these visitors. His response was as enlightening as it was succinct: “They are the many faces of God.” The urgency in his voice roused me from this dreamlike state, a jolt that brought me back to the waking world, sitting upright in bed, Kathy’s voice pulling me further from the depths of the experience.

Despite the briefness of the encounter, its impact was profound. Encouraged by Kathy, I captured the essence of the dream in writing, a mantra of sorts, though each line serves as a meditation in its own right. This mantra, when recited in its entirety, transforms into a profound meditation on our divinity and our intrinsic connection to God.

This gift, this Healer’s Mantra, is not mine to keep but to share. I invite you to explore each line, to meditate upon its meaning, and to discover the divinity within yourself. And as you do, remember this was a gift from God, a message meant to be shared with all who seek understanding and connection to the divine essence that resides within us all.

Best Wishes
Jerry Wills