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The Gateway Series: Online Classes

Hello everyone, Jerry Wills here. I have exciting news about the classes I offer.

These classes, which were previously available for sale or rent at $25 per class, have now been exclusively moved to the Member’s Area of the Jerry Wills Show website. They are accessible to all our supporters who contribute at or above the $25 support level.

This means that with a $25 monthly support, not only do you get access to classes 1 through 4, including our newly released class 4, but you also unlock the entire Jerry Wills Show site. Your membership grants you full access to our extensive video and audio archives, along with all other media available on our platform. Remember, this is a membership-based service, and you will be billed monthly for as long as you remain a supporter.

By joining at the $25 level, you receive incredible value, considering the wealth of content and learning opportunities available. It’s a fantastic deal for those eager to dive deep into our content-rich, member-exclusive world. Join us and explore to your heart’s content!

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A description and video preview of each class is offered below.

Each of our classes has been recorded in high definition, capturing the essence of our in-person sessions. While attending live is ideal, these recordings offer a fantastic alternative for those who couldn’t join us in person or when a live class isn’t available.

The content of these classes is information-rich and detailed. Each one is a crucial step in your journey towards mastering your innate psychic abilities. Jerry Wills guides you through understanding and harnessing psychic phenomena, helping you to develop your inner skills and abilities more effectively.

What sets these classes apart? They are designed to not just teach but also provide hands-on methods for developing your latent psychic abilities. Over the years, I’ve noticed a gap in many courses – the lack of tangible experiences that can be replicated outside the classroom. Many courses offer sound concepts but fall short in practical application, leaving students with unfulfilled expectations. Our courses aim to bridge this gap, offering not just theories but also actionable practices.

Remember, these classes aren’t limited to enhancing healing abilities; they’re a pathway to develop any psychic skill you feel inclined towards. They provide a comprehensive understanding of psychic realms, with principles that can be applied across various psychic pursuits. Whether you’re drawn to spirit communication, psychometry, mediumship, or other psychic fields, these classes build upon each other, culminating in a journey that hones and refines your abilities.

If you have any questions along the way, I’m here to help and look forward to assisting you in your explorative journey.

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Class 1: The Focus of Silence
(87 minutes)  

Class 1 Details
Class 1 Link

“The Focus of Silence” is a unique course that embodies the philosophy and practical wisdom of Jerry Wills. This course is designed to align all participants to a unified emotional and intellectual starting point, laying a solid foundation for the classes to follow. In the first class, you’ll be introduced to simple yet effective methods for connecting with and sensing life-force energy.

The initial focus is on helping you become attuned to these new sensations and feelings. As you grow more comfortable with this process, the course guides you through techniques to harness energy from the infinite stillness of the cosmos. This practice is aimed at rejuvenating and restoring your body.

Class 1 is particularly insightful as it demonstrates the ease with which these techniques can be applied. It’s a journey from understanding the basic concepts of life-force energy to practically applying them for personal energy restoration. This course is not just about learning; it’s about experiencing and transforming through the power of silence and energy.

Class 2: Lux Creatoris
(114 minutes)  

Class II Details
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Have you ever been curious about the visual aspect of psychic energy? Many of us are familiar with the concept of an aura, have seen depictions of energetic fields in photographs, or perhaps even experienced a tingling sensation. But how often do you get the chance to actually see it?

In this class, Jerry delves into his own methods for observing these fields of energy. He explains not just how to access these energies, but also how to utilize them effectively. This aspect of the psychic experience is detailed and fascinating, and Jerry is dedicated to making it accessible and understandable.

A key focus of the session is on the auric field and how to illuminate it. Jerry guides you through a specific method to make the aura visible. More importantly, he teaches you how to develop the skill to see and understand this energy on your own. This class isn’t just about theory; it’s about practical application and developing a tangible skill that opens up a new dimension of psychic understanding. Join in to witness and learn about the vibrant world of psychic energy as never before.

Class 3: Projections > < Reflections
(73 minutes)  

Class 3 Details
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The sensation of feeling energy confirms its presence, but the ability to see it convinces even the most rational mind of its reality. Once you’re aware of this energy, the possibilities of what you can do with it are vast. Your energy can be directed anywhere – across a room or across vast distances. The key, however, lies in knowing and confirming that this transfer of energy is actually occurring. This is where feedback becomes crucial.

In Class 3, we delve into the practical side of energy work. You’ll experiment with various methods of projecting your energy and, importantly, you’ll learn to recognize feedback from these efforts. Experiencing this feedback loop is more than just educational – it’s exhilarating. It opens your eyes to the potential of what else might be possible with energy.

But what exactly are these possibilities? Well, that’s what we explore in Class 3. It’s not just a theoretical discussion; it’s a journey into experiencing and understanding the practical applications of energy projection. Join us in Class 3 to discover the exciting potentials that await when you learn to harness and direct your energy effectively.


Class 4: Entangled Presence – Distant Touch
Duration: 1:27:14

Class 4 Details
Class 4 Link 

Building upon the foundation laid in the earlier classes of the Gateway Series, Class 4 elevates your journey to an advanced level of psychic exploration, application, and mastery.

Quantum Manifestation and the Power of Connection

Unveiling Ancient Secrets: Tapping into the Quantum Field for Manifestation and Healing

After a nine-year hiatus following Class 3, Jerry Wills introduces Class 4 in the Gateway Series. This class dives into an ancient method of manifestation, providing access to the quantum field for profound change. It represents a deep dive into the realms of psychic abilities and long-lost ancient practices.

Mastering Quantum Manifestation for Healing and Beyond

In Class 4, you’ll discover:

  • Techniques to harness the quantum field for manifestation, particularly effective for distant healing.
  • The limitless potential of this process, opening doors to endless experiences and explorations.

The Importance of Connection and Energy Amplification

A key focus of this class is the power of connection:

  • You’ll learn to connect with others, amplifying the energy you channel.
  • Understanding the synergistic effect of combined energies, leading to powerful experiences and outcomes.

Building on Previous Classes

For graduates of Classes 1-3:

  • You’re already aware of the immense energy within you.
  • This class will guide you in synergizing your energy with others, enhancing your journey with replicable, enriching experiences.

Revealing Hidden Knowledge and Practices

Class 4 also explores historical and cultural aspects:

  • Unearthing practices of ancient civilizations in psychic abilities and manifestation.
  • Delving into the alterations made by organized religions and the reasons behind the loss and concealment of this powerful knowledge.

A Class Long Awaited and Highly Anticipated

More than just a lesson, Class 4 is a revelation:

  • It offers a profound understanding of ancient psychic practices.
  • The class is tailored for those prepared to responsibly handle this powerful knowledge.

Join Us on This Revealing Journey

Ready to unlock secrets centuries old? Class 4 of the Gateway Series is your invitation to a transformative exploration of quantum manifestation and ancient wisdom. It’s more than a class; it’s a journey to revolutionize your understanding and application of psychic energy.