Jerry Wills



Kathy Gurfein
Rye, NY
“What do you say about someone who is perhaps the most extraordinary person you will ever meet in your life? Jerry Wills is that person and more. I have known Jerry for about 2 years on both a personal and professional basis (though with Jerry, the lines tend to blur!)

On a personal level, he is a rock solid person with amazing warmth, humor, friendship and empathy.

On a professional level… I have seen him perform miracles… ranging from healing an infant with brain cancer to achieving remission in stage IV cancer patients to easing my aching back with an apparent wave of the hand.

On all levels, he never disappoints, always exceeding one’s expectations.

Jerry Wills? He’s the real deal on all levels!”

Robert M. Stanley
Rhode Island
“Jerry Wills is a uniquely-gifted, very-intelligent, compassionate individual. He has helped my family, and many other familes, recover from serious injuries and illnesses. He has also provided me with truly amazing information for my magazine, books and web site. And, he was instrumental in helping me learn how to become the web master for Unicus magazine. I am eternally grateful for his guidence and friendship. ”

Robert O’Connor
Phoenix, Arizona
“Jerry is a ‘One of a Kind’ Master of many Healing disciplines. The highest title I know or recognize is ‘Friend’ and I consider Jerry a friend. I consider Jerry is amazing person who is not only big – 6’9″ but Dreams big and has the capacity to make his and your dreams come true. Enjoy and learn from Jerry’s shared vision as we all do.”

Dante Petrilla
“Jerry is one of those rare individuals who truly cares about other people and wants to help. He is possessed of a knowledge, power and experience that few people have which permits him to work on many different levels to awaken and help the human race. Jerry is a healer and an explorer who has had some truly amazing experiences. He has led and continues to lead an extraordinary life, and has much to teach us through his unique view of the world. I know Jerry through the many interviews I have listened to and through personal correspondence. I once called him a cosmic Wayne Dyer, which I think is pretty accurate!”

David Franks
“Jerry is a gentle giant, with a great thirst for knowledge and adventure. Jerry is the closest true living Indiana Jones, with a wonderful light soaring spirit. I look forward to working with Jerry again and would highly recommend his services, skills and expertise.”

18 July, 2009

My son, a Chiropractor in Yorktown Heights, NY, invited me to attend a group session he was hosting with Jerry Wills at his office on July 16th.

I live with my dog, my cat and my cow on a large farm in Dutchess County, NY. Since an automobile accident in 2000, I have been suffering with a very painful right knee (torn meniscus) and, as the MD put it “a permanently sprained left ankle”, making it both painful and difficult to navigate through my days, driving tractors and other farm equipment in order to accomplish everyday chores. Just walking up and down stairs really hurt and several times I would lose my balance, which is not a good thing for someone who resides alone.

All I can say is that, on the evening of July 16th, I witnessed healing, on myself and on several others, including my son. Jerry worked over my knee and then over my left ankle finding a torn ligament (not a permanent sprain as I had been told), and, when he was finished and I went to stand, found that he had totally realigned both my legs. My left foot was in the correct position on the floor and I felt unbelievable fluidity and ease of motion when I got up and walked. THE PAIN WAS GONE along with the swelling AND HAS STAYED GONE!

I have, for the past two days been filled with such energy, feeling so incredibly good, that two friends who stopped by for a visit couldn’t believe how different I seemed and wanted to know what had happened. I told them about Jerry. In fact, I am presently trying to arrange another session with Jerry before he returns home, including those 2 friends and more who have need of healing.

I believe that Jerry is truly a channel through which God’s love and healing can flow into those in need. He is a kind and gentle giant of a man who has the ability to see into one’s body and soul, sensing the problems therein.

I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to meet Jerry and his wife, Kathy.

Alda Graham
Millerton, NY

June 23rd, 2009

The next testimonial was sent to me from a longtime client and friend who trains dogs. When I first met Mildred she could not walk, and thus was unable to train dogs as she had done for most of her life. After a short session with her she became quite a hiker and resumed her role as champion dog trainer. That was three years ago. Recently Mildred returned with a huge issue. Her doctor would not renew her prescription glasses due to bad cataracts in each eye. She would require surgery if she wanted to keep her drivers license. Otherwise, she would lose her driving privileges. Plus, painful joints was making it hard to walk. I spent about 45 minutes with Mildred. Once finished she felt she could see better and easily walked about the room without pain or stiffness. The following letter arrived today… I wonder if the Optometrist was curious about what happened to those pesky cataracts?

Dear Jerry
When I want to study a dog’s gait one of the tools I use is a puddle of water at one end of my driveway. I walk the dog through the puddle while on a leash at my side, and then onto the dry concrete. By studying the footprints I can determine several things about the dog’s movement. The other day splashed some water on the drive, walked my puppy through the puddle and onto the dry area. When I turned to study the prints I realized that I too had left my footprints there as well.

For the first time in about twenty five years my footprints did not resemble those of a duck! My feet, both of them, pointed almost straight ahead!

My left ankle does not hurt with every step. It is straighter than it has ben in years. I really feel that I might be able to walk again without having to cope with the pain I have experienced for so long. Perhaps being able to move about more will help use up some of my long stored calories.

I have my new distance glasses. The Optometrist I saw last week suggested that I return in 10 to 12 months because he saw a bit of a cataract in each eye, “…but nothing to worry about right now.” I have been using the drops you suggested, and I am comfortable with my vision.

There are only two words in the English language that say what I need to say. They are: Thank You. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Sincerely, and with Affection

Mildred Gleeson
Magic Mildreds Dog Training

June 17th, 2009

Dear Jerry,
I feel I can’t possibly thank you enough for the freedom you have given me. For the first time in several years, I awoke and was able to move and use my arms. I didn’t have to gradually loosen them up and carefully ease myself into being able to do simple everyday chores.

As I explained to you when I came to you, I suffered torn rotary cuffs of both shoulders as a result of an accident in 1998. The Orthopedic specialist my doctor sent me to declined to fix them surgically because he “felt that my insurance money was about to run out and he was not going to risk not getting paid.” He told me to find a therapist who would instruct me in exercises that would allow me to use the arms as they were and to learn to live with them.

The arms didn’t bother me that much for several years. But about a year ago I noticed that I was losing strength and I was suffering pain in my shoulders when I used my arms when working. This pain gradually increased, being most intense in the morning but bothering me evenings if I did a lot of work during the day.

Since you worked on my shoulders I noticed that I am gradually building strength again and I am so pain free that I marvel daily at what I can do.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! From the bottom of my heart, I feel you have given me a new start. Words are inadequate in expressing my feelings.

Bonnie Leider

June 6th, 2009

The next testimonial is from a wonderful lady I worked on last year. She recently returned to her doctor for a check-up to find out how her back was doing. This is another example of medical verification of healing after I have seen someone. As many of you know, a blown spinal disc does not get better, become completely healed, returning to normal.

Jerry, here is my testimonial:
An accident to my lower back caused severe pain. An MRI on 5-7-07 showed a diffuse disk bulge at L4-5. Pain was radiating down into left hip and upper left leg. Prognosis: Surgery necessary. Symptom treatments: Cortisone injections and epidurals. Pain continued following injections. I was treated by Jerry Wills, Phoenix, AZ on May 22, 2008 via energy remedy. A new MRI on 5-4-’09 shows bulge at L4-5 resolved. MRI reports available upon request.

Sonya C.
Clearwater, FL

May 17th, 2009

Hi Jerry and Kathy
First Birthday wishes to Kathy–Hope you have a great year!! What a great adventure in life you are having! I enjoy reading about it.

Secondly it will be 3 years since John Fargotstein, my partner saw you!! He had another petscan (May’09) and he is doing well. John and I watched the Farah Fawcett special and we were reminded how fortunate we were to have a session with Jerry that equated to a miracle. Actually, I think about it all of the time and as you probably know there have been many people who have contacted you via my testimonial Working with people in the dental field, I share our story with a lot of patients.

Just to recount–John had throat cancer that had metastasized to a lymph node in the neck. They removed a tumor 1/2 the size of his throat, 1/3rd of his neck, and all of his lymph nodes in his neck, and shoulder. He had chemo and radiation beginning in Nov 2005.

They had to stop radiation and chemo for a month because he had a severe reaction to a tumor reducing drug that made his face unrecognizable, destroyed his immune system.

He finished the end of March all of his treatment. His first pet scan (July ’06) to see how he was doing was sad news His ENT that did his surgery was disappointed and felt badly because, after all of that, there were new areas near his carotid. He said he could do nothing more, and that this happened probably because they had to stop treatment for a month. He told him that his choices were to have his voice box removed so he could eat and that might give him more time (John had a feeding tube in his stomach). More time was an estimate of 18months to 2years. The other choice was to let the cancer grow and he would bleed out when it put pressure on the carotid.

John was so weak then–we didn’t think he could survive another operation. His Dr referred him to Mayo, to the head ENT for a consult. This Dr said he could not even do biopsies of the area (too near the carotid). So he said let’s see how fast they are growing–and that would help in suggesting any surgery involving the voice box. He told John to get his affairs in order. We were to return in another two months after another pet scan was to be taken.

That is when I remembered meeting Jerry, and then I had seen him on the news. John went, willing to try anything, He had decided on no more surgery. Well, when we went back for that 2nd scan, after seeing Jerry in August, the Dr at Mayo said, he was going to send us back to his ENT doctor. I asked him what the readings were and he said they were GONE!!!

John had the feeding tube for a total of 21/2 years. In March 2008, he started to slowly eat again after having two surgeries to expand his throat and remove scar tissue, enabling him to swallow again.

It is now May of 2009. His Dr said that John has his miracle. And so we did.

So, Jerry… John is doing wonderfully well. I do give out your website all of the time in hopes that if someone is to be healed, and it is not time for a person’s life force to end, that you will be able to be the vehicle to enable that individual to stay here and complete the life journey with new insights, new meaning and growth.

John and I have a deep gratitude to you, for this opportunity we have to learn and grow. If you would like me to write a testimonial–it is time.

Thank You Jerry and Kathy!!

Phyllis R

April 23rd, 2009

The next letter comes from the mother of a man with cancer. This case is unusual in that I worked on him in the middle of the night as I “slept”. Though this wasn’t the first time I had worked with someone in this manner, it was exciting to receive this feedback. Most often, after a session with a client, I will travel out of body to continue working on their physical condition until I feel satisfied they are good on their own. In this case I entirely worked on Scott during an out of body journey. A journey where I am completely aware and easily control. (Jerry)

I just recently found out that when you did the first treatment on Scott’s neck (brain area) the next day he felt that something had changed and he didn’t have any pain for the first time since his operation in October. I did mention this to you, but I found out recently that the pain was excruciating and now he is almost pain free. He never told anyone, especially me, that he had continued to have pain and how bad it was. He has been through more pain in the last six months than most people have to endure in a lifetime. I can’t tell you how deeply grateful I am for what you have been able to do for him with the help of God. Again, thank you for allowing yourself to be a conduit for God’s healing power.

Deepest gratitude

February 5th, 2009

Sally (not her real name) injured her ankle during a sports activity late 2008. It had not healed and was always in pain. With no hope for healing or pain relief, arrangements were made to conduct a remote session the following afternoon. (Jerry)

Thank you so much. Sally called me right after your session and she said that when it was over, she cried. She was very excited and talked to me for 30 minutes – going over the entire healing in detail. She said that she had never experienced anything like it. Her roommates (who are both on the team) were with her and they were having fun and sharing in her excitement. I am happy that she trusts them enough to share the experience with them. She said that she could actually feel you working on her.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I will stay in touch with you for the next few days as we see how she progresses.

FOLLOW-UP: February 7th, 2009

X-rays of Sally’s ankle were recently taken and everything looks perfect! She has been working out 100% pain free. She said that her ankle feels just like it did before the injury.

Thank you for this miracle!

Sally’s mom

February 3rd, 2009

It was the first part of January, 2005. I had been experiencing complete constipation. I went to my General Physician because I had a history of Hypothyroidism that he discovered. We thought it was an incorrect dose of Synthroid, so for a month we tried me on different doses. After that he suggested I go to my Endocrinologist.

I went to her mid- February, and she listened a little bit to my symptoms and said “I think you have stomach cancer”. She set it up for me to go to get a colonostomy in two days. The doctor gave me the medication to empty my bowels for this procedure the next day and sent me home to clean out for the next day. About 10:00 pm on a Thursday night, starting that night I was in so much pain I was rushed up to the emergency room. I had to wait for 6 and one half hours in the emergency room till they tool me back and found the tumor in my colorectal area, and started me on a morphine drip. I was told I had a cancerous tumor that was larger than a grapefruit, so it was inoperable. I started treatment here in my home town.

After 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy the radiation doctor showed me a C. T. scan of the tumor and said “If you will give me two more weeks of radiation I can kill that cancer”. I said sure. A few weeks after all the treatment they did another scan on that area and saw a shaded area in that region. They thought it could either be cancer or scar tissue, they wanted to operate to find out. They did and it was scar tissue, but they had operated on radiated tissue that did not act like regular tissue. It did not heal.

I went through three months in a hyperbaric chamber attempting to oxygenate that abscess area to heal. Nothing worked.

Now, 3 and one half years had gone by and the abscess had caused me to have to be on severe pain med`s because of the infection, and my right hip was hurting me very badly because the chemotherapy had eaten much of the cartilage away, so it was hard for me to walk.

I heard about Jerry on FOX News here in my town, Austin, Texas. Something inside me just knew I had to see him. Jerry worked on me and the abscess has healed up much to my colorectal surgeons surprise, and I can walk with no pain after he worked on me. First thing for me is my faith in God, and I know I was healed by God using Jerry as a instrument. I am almost 4 years in remission from cancer, and thanks to God working through Jerry MY ABCESS HAS HEALED, AND my hip and my walking is perfect. I am so glad I went to see Jerry.

Philip N.

November 24th, 2008

My Dear Friends Jerry and Kathy, How are you both doing? I read every letter you send me and I hope you remember me. Victoria and Desiree Culling? You invited us to your home in 2000 and you were touching Desiree from her whole life of suffering from Asthma and I had Hep C from which I came so close to death 4 times and suffered from 1986 till WELL a couple of years ago.

After I saw you and you had touched my body and drew the Hep right out! I was suffering many problems from the Hep C every year badly destroying my organs slowly. But after I saw you I never had any problems from it. And a couple of years ago my Doctor was running routine blood tests like I do every six months and, if you remember me telling you, the experts all throughout this sickness said to plan my funeral and make arraignments for my departure and arraignments for my daughter Desiree.

First, they said I wouldn’t see her turn 13. Then they said I wouldn’t make it to her 18th birthday. All along I said ” I am not going out that way! You all will see a Miracle before I let that happen to me!” Well, when my Doctor ran those tests she said she saw something wrong, and she could not find the Hep in my blood. Now keep in mind they had through the years found traces of Hep A and B Too. So, she asked me if she could try something and I agreed to it. The next few days to come she drew 13 vials of blood from me and then sent me to the Hep clinic at the Maricopa County Hospital the next day. There they drew 15 more vials of blood. They said they were going to run the most sensitive blood test they can.

Well, when all the tests came back, the Hep C was gone. All the Heps were gone as if they never existed! I dropped to my knees and Prayed to the Lord for this! But I know deep inside that If I had never seen you this would not have been possible! All my hopes for a cure were gone and I never ever had any treatments for it. I was very, very sick for so many years. And to this day they take my blood every 6 months and NOTHING! All though now I suffer from AustioArthritis and Fybermyalga real bad! But I did not have that when I saw you. It didn’t surface till later that year. And what I was dying from. You took away! I bless you every day for this. And thank you from the bottom of my Heart for what you did for me!

And Desiree is now going on 28 years old soon and she doesn’t suffer as bad as she did as child from the Asthma. I will always be grateful for what you did for us. I always believe in the Higher power above and always believed in you. I always get your letters and listen to you whenever I can.

My Doctor just took my blood a couple of weeks ago and ran tests since early this year and they say my Liver and Kidney’s are in immaculate condition. There are no signs of any damage. Like the Hep never existed! Thank You for everything you have done for us! And one more thing… do you remember that I asked you about a picture in your home of the Universe and years later you said you still have it. Well, Desiree had a baby on Christmas Eve 2006 and we named her Celestial after the Heavens and Universe which I love so much. Nothing pleases me more than to look through the telescope and watch all the planets and stars! Once again I hope life is good for you and Kathy.

Love and Respect Always
Victoria Culling

August 1st, 2008

A testimonial to Jerry Wills and the continued celebration of the life of our dog Dakota

On July 27th 2007, Dakota, a loving 5 1/2 year old Gray and white Siberian Husky was having fun at the dog park when suddenly he started to walk backwards – very strange. We observed him through the night and his condition seemed to deteriorate and he was completely out of sorts. We took him to the vet that day and with x-rays and a MRI he was diagnosed with a “large adrenal tumor the size of a football.” The tumor was near the Vena Cava and reached the Aorta. It may have attached to organs and was too large to be operable and the vet was recommending that we should put him to sleep that evening. Dakota didn’t seem to be in any pain so we said no – we would support him. We were devastated; there really was no hope – OR WAS THERE?

We spent nearly continuous time with him and kept him comfortable. He was eating fine but drinking frequently and urinating every couple of hours. Marianne left work to let him out to go to the bathroom every few hours. Yet, he would get all happy and excited when we ask him if he wants to go to the dog park. His spirits were high and he didn’t seem to be in any pain. But we feared that it was only a matter of time.

Suddenly, on July 31, exactly one year ago today, I woke up at 4:20 this morning (NJ time) thinking of Jerry. I remembered how a friend of mine who was involved in a car accident and had broken his back described how Jerry had healed him. Coincidentally, I received an Xpeditions Newsletter group email from Jerry on that day and I immediately replied with the story about Dakota.

The next day, August 1, Jerry graciously responded, “I’ll do my best to help Dakota.” He requested a picture of Dakota and our geographical location and finished the message with “and of course… expect a miracle, Mike. I do…” I sent the requested information that day. Jerry and Kathy were out of the states and out of internet service range but on August 5 he was able to tell me that he had worked on Dakota and that he was “joined in the effort with his dog Sammie, who passed away several years ago” and that “It was really quite an experience! ”

On August 7 Dakota seemed to take a turn for the worse, I wrote “he threw up and had diarrhea and wouldn’t eat anything including his favorites: cheese, bread, ice cream. Needless to say, I am really worried.” After two days of moping (seemed like he couldn’t get comfortable) Dakota was suddenly his old self again on Thursday, August 9 and had a terrific day!!! We went to the dog park and he loved it. He was running around playing with other dogs.

Then you informed us that you had been busy relocating your home. You said that the whole series of events (packing, moving and selling) was exhausting for you. But once you read my message that Dakota wasn’t feeling well on Tuesday, August 7th you stopped what you were doing and reconnected during the night. So by Thursday he was healed!! He continued to improve and by Sunday he was acting like a puppy!! When I got up that morning, he was sleeping on the couch on his back with a smile. He ate some pancakes and was talking to me, yes talking – huskies do that, wanting to play and wanted me to tussle with him. We had a lot of fun.

Marianne took him to the dog park and that went wonderfully. Dakota’s relationship with Foxy has improved tremendously. She used to be very protective – probably because she was abused as a puppy, but now they actually play together. Jerry, we really appreciate your healing energy for Dakota. Thank you so much. We continue to go to the dog park and for months people there expressed amazement and asked us to share the story with other pet owners. To this day, one year later, they use the words – “It’s amazing” and “It’s truly a miracle!”

We can’t thank you enough!! You are truly wonderful and we are very grateful!!

I should also mention that Dakota, had seizures every few months. But it was never serious enough to medicate. Then this past Mar 5, 2008, I woke around 3:10 because Dakota’s back legs were jerking against the floor. I turned the light on and he was having a seizure. He kept cycling every few minutes – real bad then a bit calm then real bad – for about a half hour so I woke Mar up and we rushed to the Emergency Vet. We got there around 4:20 and they put him on Valium and then checked his blood work looking for liver and kidney functions and everything was normal. Good news. So at 5:00 they injected phenobarbital to stop the seizure which was still happening. We contacted you once again and you quickly informed us that you identified a small lesion on the base of his brain and had worked on it and believed that you had remedied the problem. We reduced his medication to half and have had no problems whatsoever and he isn’t groggy from the medication. Once again, you saved Dakota from a life threatening ailment. There are no words that can properly express our gratitude.

Warm regards with love and light,
Michael, Marianne, Foxy and Dakota

March 2008

Dear Jerry
I appreciate your efforts on my behalf that you are doing remotely.

I have an anecdote that you will appreciate. I went to the doctor yesterday because I was having intermittent recurring pain in my left armpit area. He could find nothing major wrong and said he thought I had pulled a muscle. In any event a chest x-ray showed no problem in the chest. He gave me an EKG because, although my worry had been about possible cancer, his worry had been about my heart. He compared the current x-ray with the one I had last year at the cardiologist. He said, ” this current x-ray is so much better than the pervious one that it looks like someone has healed your heart.” Of course I was gratified to hear that.

Thank you

February 2008

Hello Everybody
My name is Silvia. Two and a half years ago I received a kick on my left knee playing soccer with my husband. A silly accident that left not even a bruise led me to a nightmare of pain.

I tried everything you can imagine… acupuncturist, physical therapy (more than once), massage, ART, etc, etc, you name it I did it . Some things helped, others made it worst. X-rays, and MRI were perfect! I was disappointed, limping for more than 2 years, some days remaining the majority of the time sitting because i couldn’t ‘t walk.

On January 2008 by “chance” I found an article about Jerry Wills in Nashville that grabbed my attention. I went to his website and finally set up a telephone session with him . I hesitated about that not because of his work but because of the distant between him and I ( almost 2000 miles away ). I had the session. He explained to me what he saw. He did the remote healing and told me how long will take for my knee to heal.

It is only 3 weeks now for that day and I can say that my knee is a lot better, an amazing shift happened not only in my knee but also in my life.

The word ” hope ” started to shine again in me and I am really happy.

Don’t ask yourself how, when, or what …..   Just believe in God and Jerry’s work.

Thank you, Jerry very much

November 2007

In 2003 I had brain surgery for a non-malignant brain tumor. The recovery time was several months but afterward, I seemed to be fine. Then in 2006, I had three Grand Mal seizures of such violent nature, I broke a bone in my back as well as suffered a mild stroke and significant memory loss which I still have.

Again I was diagnosed with two tumors in my brain. The tumors are non-malignant but located in such a deep place in my brain my doctors are reluctant to perform surgery. I could suffer loss of speech, memory or complete comprehension. My medications have been constantly increased because of symptoms of impending seizures. Then I heard about Jerry Wills.

I made an appointment with him when he was in Nashville on November 12, 2007. My wife mentioned to Jerry that I had been having a toothache for the last week and a half. I needed a root canal and was waiting for our insurance to kick in. Jerry pointed to where the tooth was located in my mouth when he was seated halfway across the room from me. Then briefly worked on my jaw and the pain lessened. Then he briefly touched my jaw again and the pain was instantly gone! I chewed ice, held cold water in my mouth, chomped up and down and ate a steak. Two days after I saw Jerry I had a deep periodontal tooth and gum cleaning all without any pain from that tooth. Next Jerry worked on the brain tumors.

When he put his hands on my head I felt such a gentle power and presence that tears rolled down my cheeks. It’s really hard to describe what I felt but it was so comforting. Jerry said the tumors would start to shrink until they would dissolve away. He also said that they would never come back. I have no doubt that this is exactly what is going to happen, too! When I have my next MRI, I will send the results so everyone can read what the report says. Thanks to God working through Jerry Wills, joy and hope has returned to my life.

Thank you, Jerry for all that you did for me!

Ted Eveland
Nashville, TN

October 2007

Dear Jerry,
It is in gratitude to you as a shaman healer, and in honor of the healing’s you divinely create for beings all over the world, that I write this testimonial. My name is Elley, I am 53 years old and I live in Sun City, Arizona.  I work as a Registered Nurse and contracted the Hepatitis C Virus.

I have been treated with chemotherapy:  Interferon Injections and Ribaviron capsules for a nine month period.  As well as a myriad of other drugs:  anti-inflammatory agents, antidepressants, synthroid, pain meds, and even a couple of years of continuous acupuncture to treat the virus and the effects of chemotherapy:  fatigue, joint pain and swelling, bunions, feet and hands that ached constantly, over extended adrenal glands and thymus gland, and an over extended and now suppressed immune system and thyroid gland, loss of bodily hair–I am completely bald– depression, weight gain, a tremendous amount of fear and an inability to hold on to work as an RN for an extended length of time.

I went to see Jerry while he and Kathy were recently in Phoenix, AZ, and what a blessing.

As we talked I could feel the healing and loving energy everywhere, then the healing began. He started with my left foot with the bunion on the big toe (that I had been told by Mayo Clinic would need surgery or would never heal). I felt the rush of heat going into my foot and up my leg, then all over my body.  He continued to work on the knuckle and within minutes I was, and still am, walking without pain. For the first time in over 8 years I can bend my big toe and see the ligament!!!

Then came my right foot and the same thing happened, on up to my adrenals, my gut, my liver, then my thymus.

I had been told by an MD, in recent months that my thymus gland would never be healed and my hair would never return.  When he laid his fingers on my thymus gland I actually felt them inside my body, something I have never experienced in my life!  And it did not hurt – yeah – just felt warm, then hot and soothing. While he was working on these areas my back popped like when you go to a chiropractor, as tension was released.

On up to my thyroid gland, my neck, my head and eyes then my pituitary.

Jerry actually saw something on my pituitary that was seen years ago by MD’s. They wanted to operate on my pituitary, and of course I said “NO!” I never told anyone about that, and suddenly he is bringing it up!!  I was stunned!

As he worked on my pituitary I could feel changes taking place inside of my head.

The whole session was about 2 hours and I left feeling whole, lighter, and healed.

The following day my body began releasing all the toxins that Jerry’s healing energy had brought up and out of my organs and cells.  I experienced all the things that one does on a detoxification program:  headache, diarrhea, listlessness, the chills etc.  Jerry offered me support and information on how to best get this junk moved out of my body. I followed his instructions and suggestions.

I am now getting up between 5am & 7am. I am full of energy and joy, have cut down on the amount of synthroid and antidepressant medications that I have been on for years, can walk without pain for the first time in over 8 years, and wriggling my big toe without pain and swelling.

My hands no longer ache, and as a bonus I am losing weight!!

I had been told when I was first diagnosed with HCV that I was a “dead woman walking” and to prepare myself for death, as I carry Type 1A HCV, the most deadly and most resistant to treatment of any kind.

It is my pleasure to have walked thru that fear, found a true healer, am healed whole and healthy, and able to share my story with others.

PS.  I have finally had the energy to update my resume, and am currently in search of employment as an RN!  In gratitude to this Divine Universe and the healer who walks among us, Thank you.

Blessings of Love, Light and Peace

Dear Jerry
I’ve heard many times that years do not pass in vain and that getting old usually brings with it flare-ups of fatigue and muscle and joint aches.

My mom is 61 and during the last 5 years she’s been feeling depressed, tired and sore. She had this terrible pain in her right shoulder that didn’t let her to do her daily activities. Two facts mainly caused my mom’s condition. First, there was this time when she was shopping in downtown Lima. She was about to take a bus to get back home and suddenly a robber grabbed her purse as he went by and pulled her to the ground dragging her a short distance (she was holding her purse on her right shoulder). Another time, she was taking a bus in crowded Lima. She was getting on the bus and suddenly the driver accelerated (bus drivers usually do not wait for a passenger to take a seat when they are in a hurry) so my mom was able to avoid falling by grabbing a handrail but she made a big effort and felt a tug in her right arm.

Since then, my mom began to felt an intolerable pain in her right shoulder. She wasn’t able to do any housework or even sleep quietly. Her veins and tendons at the elbow level were swelled up, as well as her right shoulder area. She cried out in pain while we tried to apply heat to the tender area by gently massaging with a warm cloth on her sore shoulder.

Afterwards, she inmediately started to go to the doctor and followed an exercise therapy. The problem was that doctors most of the time contradicted each other and couldn’t find out what the problem was. Some of them even said that my mom shouldn’t be following a therapy since she still had a strong inflammation on the sore area and it could aggravate her condition (tendonitis).

We (my family) were worried not knowing what to do to help my mom who always looked sad, sore and tired because of the lack of sleep caused by tense muscles and pain. Everytime she went to the doctor she heard something different. So, my mom started to take stronger medication, such as “arcoxia”, to soothe the ache. The last doctor she visited suggested surgery to finally “heal” her arm. However, according to the doctor’s opinion, there was nothing certain about the outcome since it could also bring undesirable consequences.

There was apparently no solution to my mom’s pain until we met you, Jerry, “you fell from the sky”, and you made it possible. Your gift helped my mom and my whole family. We all now feel happy to see my mom painless. One healing session was enough to end the terrible pain she had suffered for 5 long years. Nowadays my mom sleeps quietly and every morning she takes care of her 8-month-old granddaughter, even taking the baby in her arms. She feels healthy now, painless, able to develop her daily activities and hobbies.

The heat my mom and myself felt during the healing session represented the presence of God, I believe. Your miraculous healing gift changed my mom’s life, and finally we can say that we believe in God as we believe in you.

Thanks evermore, Jerry!
Edson Eaerle and Dominga Palza (Mother)
Lima, Peru 2007


Hi Jerry and Kathy,
I just wanted to let you know I’m doing great! I haven’t felt this good in many, many years. I’m able to sleep at night, headache and backache free. It’s amazing on how good I feel. Saturday I was able to get up early without any pain in my head and back and go to my grandson’s football game. I even went to the mall and walked, and walked. It’s unbelievable on how good I feel! I have tons of energy and I finally, finally slept like a baby without waking up in the middle of the nite suffering from head and back pain.

Thank you so much, Jerry for making me a totally new person. I even started changing my eating habits it’s hard, but to feel this good and to continue I must. Thanks a million Jerry.

Take care and be safe on your trips.
Dollie Torrez

Hello Jerry and Kathy,
Thank you so much for the healing session in Peru. I’m the person who had psoriasis. You also healed my back. For this, I am very grateful. I was able to walk and climb through and over the ruins without the usual pain I had been experiencing. Since I have been home I have been weeding my gardens daily. I haven’t been able to do this for the last couple of years.

You had mentioned several products that you all thought I could benefit from. Would you please forward info on which ones and how I can purchase them. I would appreciate any help and advice.

Thanks… Light and Peace,
Judy Knueven

February 2006

Dear Mr. Jerry Wills,
Thank you for coming into my life; I am perpetually grateful to you for restoring me back to health with your healing hands. For the past three years I have been experiencing severe soreness and pain in my lower back, following a horse accident at my work. Ever since you touched me with your restorative hands I have been ache free. Again, I say thank you for all the relief and comfort you have given me.

Dorothy F.

On June 2, 1990, at the age of 40, I received a crushing impact to my thoracic spine (between the shoulder blades) and suffered a broken back. Several vertebrae and several discs were severely damaged. Fortunately, the spinal cord was damaged, but not completely severed, and I survived. The pain was incredible, like nothing I had ever experienced in my life. I went through two major surgeries at Barrows Neurological Center in Phoenix, Arizona. The first was followed by many types of therapy, with the knowledge that there would need to be another surgery to more fully stabilize my spine. After the second trip to Barrows, I was told they had done all that they could do and that I would need to seek pain management….for the rest of my life. My treatment, since 1990, included large daily doses of narcotic pain medication (morphine, oxycodone, hydrocodone and more), antispasmodics (soma), oral and injectable anti-inflammatories, and trans-dermal patches (lidocaine) placed directly over the damage site. I used TENS, acupuncture, and massage; anything to get a bit of relief from the unrelenting pain.

Then, a friend introduced me to Jerry Wills. Through Jerry, a miracle was worked upon my body. On October 22, 2004, Jerry took my pain away. Completely! From that day to this I have not needed any medication for my back. None! The pain that was inescapable for fourteen and a half years is gone. With all of their efforts, my doctors (and they are really good doctors) could not do for me what Jerry did in one visit.

It has now been just over three months. Not only is my pain gone; I am healthier than I have been in many years. Also, when he worked on me, Jerry planted the seeds of regeneration and made some simple suggestions as to how I could help myself be even better. I’ve regained 1/2 inch of the 1 1/2 inches that I lost due to the injury.

Simply put, Jerry Wills has a gift.He uses that gift to help others. I have had the opportunity to meet other people who have been helped by Jerry and they all have the same story to tell; what Jerry does works! I now tell people that they don’t have to live with pain or other medical problems, they need to see Jerry. So, anyone reading my word who is is putting up with pain or infirmity, or something the doctors say they can’t fix, contact Jerry Wills. I am living proof of his ability.

Thank you, Jerry, for all that you have done for me

Dennis McBroom
Radio announcer, physical trainer, healer

To whom it concerns:
Jerry Wills is amazing. His sight is far reaching and his abilities astounding.

A little while ago Jerry and I talked on the telephone with over 2000 miles between us. I described my problems and he started working on them right away.

After an hour on the phone, I talked with my wife for a few minutes and went to bed. As I lay there relaxing I felt the most amazing things going on in my body. My hands twitched and I felt stimulation in various parts of my body. It was like a subtle form of electricity. Jerry was working on my body from a great distance away.

I shall never forget the experience. I highly recommend trying Jerry Wills for any healing you might need.

Denver W.
Midland. Michigan

My experience is not a life & death story; it’s just a wonderful healing change that’s made my daily life so much better. A gift that I appreciate and want others to know about.

When I injured my Rt knee 16 yrs ago I had eventually chosen [after I needed crutches for months & it was still not any better] to have surgery; it was over 2 years after this procedure before I had recovered enough to have full almost full range of motion. So when over 18 months previously I had injured my other knee, surgery was not my choice; an MRI confirmed 2 tears in my meniscus.

I am a nurse for almost 30 years, although I had physical therapy and there was a slow, gradual improvement from my inital pain and limited movement, I still experienced lots of pain, especially on stairs & trying to raise my foot to begin to bend inward [trying to put on a sock was a daily uncomfortable ordeal].

My session with Jerry altered my life in eradicating this pain. I’m in the process of moving from my 2 level house and the stairs which were such a trial with my old injury are not a painful experience anymore.

I am so grateful my path encountered his and that I had the opportunity to heal so fully.

Luisa S.

Dear Jerry,
I want to share my healing experience with you and everyone!

As you may remember, I have had a hiatal hernia for probably 20 years. It had become very bad in the last year. I even went to a hospital and had to swallow that awful capsule to film what was going on inside… horrible! My hernia was bad, and I was put on treatment to try to heal it in order not to have an operation.

The medication didn’t work, and every night, when I lay down to sleep, I would have to rush off to vomit. Every single night I had severe burning and discomfort, and couldn’t eat the things I enjoy.

One night in Peru, you, myself and our friend Javier went to a great restaurant, and I of course, had eaten like a Princess. There was that chocolate cake teasing me, and I told you I couldn’t eat it as I would get ill at home. You asked if you could try healing it. I agreed and you put 2 fingers on the hernia for a few seconds. You said I should try to eat the cake, and should tell you in the morning if it helped.

Well, I enjoyed the cake (I am sure you will remember that) got home, slept like a baby, woke up in the morning, still feeling great, and I have never had another problem since that night! That was a few months ago, and I have no doubt that it’s gone forever!

Another thing that I had actually forgotten about, too. Remember when you met me at the airport in Cusco? Do you remember that when you arrived you put your hand on my back, also just for a few seconds? A friend had told you about my back/shoulder pain that was constant since the day I left South Africa to live in Peru 9 years ago.

Well, I don’t have any pain there anymore!

I don’t know what that pain was, but being free of it is just another miracle! Its soooo great to not have it… I had even nearly forgotten about it! You are reminding me that we don’t need to live with pain or dis-ease. Reminding ourselves to believe in miracles again is an incredible gift!

Thank you Jerry, for sharing your gift with me, and with others. I am grateful to you and our Creator for still allowing miracles. I look forward to your return to Cusco, and am excited to “share” you and your gift with anyone here who needs healing.

I am eternally grateful, and thank you from my heart.

Lesley Myburgh
Cusco, Peru

Once in awhile we all run across the path of someone who profoundly impacts our lives in a positive way. Jerry Wills has been one of those special people in my life, as I’m sure he has been to many that cross his path in life.

I met Jerry through a friend during a time I was considering reconstructive surgery on my shoulder and elbow. My friend shared some information on Jerry with me and I really had nothing to loose by seeing Jerry for treatment before I went under the knife, so I made an appointment.

I was immediately impressed with Jerry’s genuine kindness and concern. Within minutes of putting his hands on my injured shoulder and elbow I felt a warmth moving through my whole arm. I was impressed when Jerry described my injury in detail without me saying a word. Everything he said about the injuries I had already seen on X-rays and MRI’s. Jerry told me that he had reconstructed the damaged tissue, muscle, and tendon and that I would feel a little soreness for a few days.

Within an hour I had full range of motion with my arm for the first time in years; however, in all honesty, I really didn’t believe Jerry when he said I would be able to throw a baseball and return to pitching within ten days to two weeks. I hadn’t been able to throw a baseball, or anything else, more than ten feet in four years. But I was still excited about having full range of motion with no pain at all for the first time in years.

Several weeks later I was outside of Jerry’s office when Jerry suggested I throw a baseball to see what happened.

First I threw gingerly and there was no pain. Then in a few minutes I started to throw a little harder, and still no pain. Well, long story short, a month later I was back on the mound and the local news media was filming me throwing fast balls in the mid to upper 80’s.

Since then I have come to know Jerry pretty well. I’ve been in emergency rooms with Jerry after friends and family had called in desperation as a loved one lay dying, and I saw and felt things that I can’t describe in words.

On one occasion I was with Jerry when he received a call about a friends friend that had suffered head trauma and lay dying in intensive care. The victim, according to doctors, had massive internal hemorrhaging in the brain and had little chance of surviving the night.

Jerry did what he always does. He laid his hands on the unconscious person’s head and handed the patients fate to God. Several minutes later Jerry got up from the chair beside the patient and whispered in the patients wife’s ear, “the doctors will tell you his condition is not as serious as they thought. He will need alot of rest and will wake up in few day days with a whopping headache. He’ll need some cosmetic reconstructive surgery, but he’ll recover 100%”.

And that’s what happened. The next day the doctors told the wife that the test were wrong, and that there was no brain hemorrhage after all. A month later he had reconstructive surgery to his face and head and was released several weeks later.

Healing can be a complex issue, but I think if a person really wants to be healed from a dis-ease or injury then it’s a pretty safe bet that having a healing session or two with Jerry certainly wouldn’t hurt their chances.

And if they’re really open to experiencing a miracle then anything’s possible.

Tony Arnold
Glendale Arizona

Jerry, I so appreciate our session, thank you. I am very grateful for the healing and for the extraordinary experience of it. I didn’t know what to expect. It was powerful and calming, amazing and interesting, all at once.

You found and corrected injuries and dis-eases from my past, present and even future. What you saw resonated with my own sense of physical limitation, and since the session my feeling of health and well-being has increased immensely, with nagging aches and pains completely gone.

Listening as you scanned and healed, talking about what you were doing, was a window into the miracle of the benign universe at work. It was wonderful to feel in such good hands, yours and Spirit’s, and to experience the power and connection of our energetic beings to Spirit and to one another.

Of course, many people seek your help as a last resort, and it is wonderful that you can help them. But after our session, I know you will be my first call when something doesn’t seem right.

My thanks to you and Kathy for your kind and generous suggestions following the session to enhance my well-being.

Carol M.
Santa Fe, NM

Thought you would like to know that I had a CAT Scan and it showed my cancer had shrunk. Thanks for coming to my rescue!

Joann D.

Five months ago, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer with metastasis to the bones. A friend referred me to Jerry after a close friend of hers, who was riddled with rheumatoid arthritis, received immediate benefits from Jerry’s energy work.

My abdomen was filled with fluid, my energy level was weak and my physical body was dying. An ultrasound showed a mass on my right ovary. The doctor’s thought I had ovarian cancer that spread. Jerry was my light at the end of a very dark tunnel. He cared!

After the first session with Jerry I felt better and more confident. A week later I had an MRI and there was no mass on my ovary!

I continued to see Jerry for weeks knowing I was in good hands. His compassion and special gift was instrumental in my healing journey. I am well today and feel confident in recommending Jerry to everyone! If you have any questions please e-mail me.

Agi Lidle

Hello, I hope you and Kathy arrive home safely to Phoenix the other evening. I (We) thoroughly enjoyed you and Kathy visiting us here in North Carolina. You have provided me new experiences and have provided me additional insight into myself in regards to my path.

As you know from our last conversation on Thursday, John decided to go ahead with the surgery procedure to remove the tumor.

The MRI performed on Wednesday afternoon revealed a smaller tumor to the doctors on Thursday morning. It was smaller than they expected it to be. Apparently tumors usually do not shrink.

The procedure went better than expected. When I visited with John on Friday, I was surprised to see him sitting up in bed with great spirits. The hospital staff are amazed on how fast he is recovering from this operation. I smiled to myself remembering what you said to me on Thursday prior to your departure home. You said that you thought John might go through with the surgery and you put energy in place to help him heal better from the procedure. Thank you.

Chris Honor’e
Raleigh, NC

Given the opportunity to meet a man of great presence and size is minimal compare to the impact he will have on your life. He is a great healer, guide and a friend. His purpose in life is fulfilled with every person he meets.

He has lived his life of complete free will. Something very few of us are brave enough to venture physically or mentally.

Jerry will take you on an adventure not only to find yourself, but to find your purpose. His humble disposition is a beacon calling for many to live their life as they should and not as determined by their outward influences. I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg yet to be shared with all of us here on this earthly plain.

Rev. H.R. Grove, B.Msc., M. Msc., D. Msc.
Phoenix, AZ

Just wanted to let you know that we received great news today. The results of the MRI that Marie-Pierre took yesterday showed that the remaining tumor is almost gone. It has diminished so much that the radio-oncologist recommended (without even being asked) that she not undergo radiation treatment for now.

This is a complete turnaround from two weeks ago, when despite the improvement shown in the MRI she took right after we saw you,he remained strongly in favor of treatment, but respected our decision to wait and have another MRI.

He said that since she is doing so well now, he would prefer to just monitor her with monthly MRI’s. Of course, Marie-Pierre was sure this would be the case. Today’s news was a real answer to prayer, because, as I had written you earlier,other doctors were telling us that she should really begin radiation treatment now and that an MRI couldn’t tell us what we needed to know. So we were praying specifically that this MRI would show us what to do. And it did: our radiologist made the decision for us. I’d say that’s a pretty clear answer.

God is being so merciful to us.

The radiologist said that he’s seen thousands of these kinds of tumors and never seen one respond this way. That’s mainly because, by this stage, radiation has already begun. But he did admit it appeared that “the man upstairs was doing something.”

We are planning on leaving for France on Saturday for two weeks, so that Marie Pierre can spend much needed time with her family.

Before we saw you, I never would have thought that would ever have happened. What an amazing journey this has been. A journey of faith.

Oh, and Marie-Pierre has changed her diet almost completely to holistic foods, from flax seeds to wheat grass to nondairy to so much stuff I’ve never even heard of before.

She is feeling great … and pregnant.

We continue to thank God for you. We’ll keep in touch.

Greg C.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I’ve suffered with blinding migraines for years. These terrible headaches would last for days. One afternoon as one was developing, I asked Jerry to help if he could. He simply held my head in his hands for a few minutes. The pain and symptoms completely went away! I haven’t suffered from a migraine since that afternoon. That was well over a year ago.

James E.
Mesa, AZ

I was skeptical that Jerry could help me. After years of assembling electronics boards my arm’s range of motion had become restricted. Now over 60 years old, I was suffering from arthritis, a weakened knee from a fall and severe frostbite to my fingers. I was a mess and had accepted my condition. My husband insisted I see Jerry. During the time we spent together he healed my fingers, shoulders and knee. He also saw my back problems, which I had not thought to mention! When I left, my fingers felt normal, my arm had full range of motion and my back has never felt better. I thank God for that afternoon and Jerry’s gift.

Shirley M.
Grand Rapids, MI

My husband took me to visit Jerry because I was blind with no hope for recovery. Jerry held my head in his hands for awhile. I prayed to Mother Mary and Jesus for a miracle. I don’t know how long it took, but when he asked me to open my eyes my sight had returned! I can only tell you a miracle happened that afternoon. I have had no other problems since then and I thank God for the wondrous gift He has blessed Jerry with. Thank you Jerry for being so kind and giving to share your gift with me.

Mary G
Casa Grande, AZ

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