Jerry Wills


Since my earliest memories, I’ve been aware of a life force essence around living beings, a perception I later realized was unique to me. Growing up in the isolation of a Kentucky farm allowed me to understand how energy flows through all living things. This understanding evolved into an ability to assist myself and others.

My journey led me to explore organized religion after high school, where my healing gift was recognized as a divine sign by spiritualist evangelicals. However, I soon realized their restrictive demands didn’t align with my beliefs, and I left, continuing to trust in my innate abilities.

Years later, in Phoenix, a near-fatal fall led to a near-death experience that redefined my purpose. This turning point was further solidified in 1998 when I was called to assist a man in a coma, Steve. Miraculously, he awoke as I worked on him, an event that marked the beginning of what quickly became a worldwide recognition of my abilities. This led to thousands of people from all walks of life requesting time with me, For many, I was their final chance to heal.

Following this, a news story by FOX TV’s Rod Haberer brought my healing work to public attention. Since then, I’ve been involved in countless healings, from aiding the blind to helping the terminally ill regain health, and the more common aches and pains associated with life.

My approach to healing is deeply personal. I immerse myself in my client’s condition to understand and heal them. This process is as rejuvenating for me as it is for them, leaving me energized rather than drained. My clients’ recovery is a testament to the presence of a higher power, which I refer to as God.

This work isn’t just about physical healing; it’s a spiritual journey for both me and my clients. Each healing is a reminder that we’re never alone in our struggles and that a divine presence is always with us. I hope sharing my story helps you understand the path I’ve walked and the work that I do.

Best Wishes
Jerry Wills

May the light of the Creator shine upon your path, and God’s presence accompany you forever.