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Jerry and Kathy host an internet TV show, featuring four distinct programs: “Healers Health Tips”, “The Jerry Wills Show,” “Paranormal Stories,” and “The Café at the End of the Universe.” Jerry, as the host, delves into topics with leading experts in health, wellness, life extension, and alternative medicine, as well as a wide range of paranormal subjects including Bigfoot, UFOs, and spiritual empowerment.

For over 21 years, they’ve explored North and South America and beyond, searching for lost cities, ancient technology, and unveiling the secrets of forbidden archaeology. Their findings are often shared in LIVE broadcasts and members at the $15 support level and above are invited to join their worldwide research trips, covering only their personal expenses.

The Jerry Wills Show operates on a membership-driven model, relying on supporter contributions starting as low as $2 a month. This support provides access to extensive audio and video archives, live broadcasts, and other exclusive content. There are six support tiers, each offering additional incentives and rewards.

With over 200 audio and video archives, each several hours long, and frequent new additions, the show offers a comprehensive exploration of intriguing subjects. Members enjoy discovering new information, participating in live broadcasts from remote locations, and joining adventurous trips.

Consider joining this unique, audience-supported broadcasting venture and become part of an exciting community exploring the unknown. By becoming a member, you’ll gain incredible knowledge from the diverse range of guests we interview, experts who bring deep insights and perspectives to our discussions. The Jerry Wills Show is a nexus where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge information, all brought directly to our supportive community. It’s a place where curiosity is rewarded, and learning is a shared adventure. Join us in uncovering the secrets of the past and embracing the innovations of the future!

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