Jerry Wills

The Healers Mantra

by Jerry Wills 

I Am Peace 

I Am Love 

I Am Eternity 

I Am But One Image of God, Perfect & Whole 

I Am Responsible for His Garden 

I Am Co-Creator of the Universe 

Never Separated 

Always Connected 

Before My Next Step I Have Created the Firmament 

Before My Next Breath I Create the Atmosphere 

As I Open My Eyes I Create All I Will See 

My Face Is God’s Mirror 

The Light From My Eyes Is Creations Radiance 

I Am Completed Peace, Love and Eternity 

I Am, And Have Always Been, Eternal 

I Am But One Image of God, Perfect and Whole 

My Soul Is Not Just Within, But Surrounds Me and All Whom I Encounter 

I Am The Spirit and Essence of The Earth 

I Am The Cosmos 

I Am The Image Of God Finally Revealed 

Look Deep Within Me and See Yourself As I See You 

See Yourself As I Have Seen Myself 

One Image Of God 

Perfect and Whole 

That I Am Provides A Simple, Yet Powerful Truth 

God Lives Here… 

A B O U T   T H E   H E A L E R S   M A N T R A 

I have always been a night person. Going to bed at 2 am is as normal for me as 10 pm is for most. The night I received the Healers Mantra I lay in bed as Kathy finished her nightly routine. Relaxing, I closed my eyes and immediately found myself standing in a darkened space. It was as if I had instantly been transported into a vivid dream where I felt fully awake.

The event started so quickly. One after the next, faces moved from the darkness and toward me. As each person stopped in front of me for a moment they stared into my eyes and spoke one line from the passage above. The faces were of men and women, all races and ages. Each person looked at me with such passion as they spoke. I felt their words to my core. Then, as they each finished in turn, they walked off back into the darkness and were replaced by the next. It was as if they wanted me to hear them, know their passion, and understand their statement.

Finally, a tall black man walked up to me and said, “That I Am Provides A Simple, Yet Powerful Truth. God Lives Here.” He pointed to his heart as he finished. He did not walk away. Instead, he walked very near to me. Never losing eye contact, he smiled and ask, “Jerry, do you understand? I want you to remember what you have heard, and share it with others.”

“Who are these people?” I asked.

Without breaking eye contact, he said, ”They are the many faces of God. Now… You need to wake up, Jerry. ”

I was so startled I woke up and sat up in bed. Kathy asked what was wrong and I told her about the dream. It seemed to have taken a long time to have happened. Kathy told me it could only have been a minute at the most that I was asleep. As we lay there in the darkness she asked what I had dreamt. After hearing the story she insisted I get up and write it all down. Reluctantly, I turned on the lamp, found a pen and paper, and wrote what I had heard.

I only call this a mantra because I feel each line is a complete meditation. When the entire composition is recited it becomes a different meditation. I have found if you take one passage at a time, and focus on just that one for a few days, it helps you realize your divinity and connection to God.

Feel free to share this with others. All I ask is that you let others know this was given to me as a gift from God, as I have shared it with you.

Best Wishes
Jerry Wills