Your Hosts...

Jerry & Kathy Wills have led extraordinary lives. From searching for lost cities in the Andes to trekking the Amazon Jungle searching for new medicinal plants, they have actively sought answers. Who traveled these roads a thousand years ago? What did they know that we don't? The answers were often surprising. 

Besides looking in far-off out of the way places, they have also traveled extensively through more known areas. The Amazon Jungle, Lake Titicaca, Machu Picchu, Tiwanacu, and Kuelap have been places they have felt a connection to. Their interests and intuitive sense of adventure created lasting friendships with jungle natives, area guides, and local Shamen of both the Amazon and the Andes. 

As tour operators and traveling companions. those who have accompanied them during the past 20 years have seen and experienced more than expected. While on a "normal tour" you can expect to be led through sites and provided information the guides are taught to give, locations are predetermined and schedules rarely allow for personal investigation.

This is not the case when traveling with Jerry and Kathy Wills. Ample time is scheduled for personal interests and exploration. Jerry and Kathy understand the need we each have to fully absorb the environment and culture. They realize from their own experiences that schedules might need to occasionally be altered, questions held in mind for years need answers and sometimes you need to bend the rules to find satisfaction. Besides, it all needs to be fun and filled with an adventurous spirit!

Besides the ordinary, there are places they know you will be excited to see and explore on your own. These are sites seldom visited by typical tour operators. Have you ever been curious about the hot springs where Shirley McLain had her experiences and wished you could see this for yourself? Have you felt these ancient sites might be much older than suggested by books and experts - and you wanted to see the areas kept from tourists? Have you intuitively felt drawn to a location and gone to investigate - then found your intuition was correct!? If you answered "yes" you are in for the adventure of a lifetime. 

These journeys we offer are those of exceptional beauty, richly steeped in the ancient traditions of Shamen whose secrets span multiple generations. Secret places and ancient wisdom become the quest as you travel with two world-class adventurers who know the areas well, and know how to immerse you into one of the greatest thrills in life...

You are about to become part of a highly charged spiritual
adventure of personal discovery and exploration!

Welcome to the Adventure!