Travelers Insurance Required

All our trip require you to have travel insurance. If you were wondering, it only makes sense... You never know what might happen! travelers insurance protects you should any unfortunate events alter your trip, or you are injured. Kathy and I never go without this and consider it as essential as our camera equipment!

Follow THIS LINK to buy your travelers insurance!

Air: Amazon

Approximate. airfare cost for Amazon (RT) is $180.00 An increase is possible and is the responsibility of the passenger. If. the final amount is greater we will notify you for payment. If a lower price is available you will receive the difference as a refund.

Air: Amazon Kuelap

The Kuelap adventure is now closed : )  We will offer new trips soon!

Trip Payment Page

Use the "Buy Now" button (on your right) to pay your balance, deposit, or fully pay for this adventure by credit card.

Otherwise, you can easily pay your deposit for the Amazon by sending us a certified check. Here are the details you'll need... Questions? Use our contact form here

- Couples send one deposit for each person.
- Each person must complete the Trip Registration Form 

Send your $500 trip deposit, or full payment to...

Direct Deposit
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Xpeditions Postal Address
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Send certified check payable to "Xpeditions, Inc."

3015 W. Patrick Lane
Phoenix, Arizona

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