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Did you know Jerry and Kathy have a weekly internet TV show?
Jerry, the host, covers topics led by some of the worlds leading doctors, scientists and researchers. Health and wellness, life extension, and alternative medicine are common topics Jerry enjoys covering. 

Jerry and Kathy also cover the entire spectrum of everything paranormal. For example... Bigfoot, Giants, UFO's, Hauntings and Ghosts, and Spiritual Empowerment are thoroughly covered by experiencers with firsthand knowledge. 

The Search Continues
Throughout the past 21 years, Jerry and Kathy have continued an ongoing search across North America , South America, and around the world searching for lost cities, ancient technology, and investigating the forgotten past.  Forbidden Archeology is one of their passions! Details about what they find are always shared with their supporters. These details are often provided during LIVE broadcasts from wherever the search leads! In fact, members at or above the $15 support level are always invited to join them at any of the announced investigation/research trips around the world. The catch? There is none! Just cover your own expenses. There is never an "extra cost" to join them. 

The Jerry Wills Show is Membership Driven
"Membership Driven" means all Jerry and Kathy bring to their supporters is made possible by their supporters. This is where you come in! For as little as $2 a month you can support their show and gain access to all archives (audio and video) and their LIVE broadcasts. 

There are 6 tiers of support; $2... $5... $10... $15... $25... $100
Each tier adds incentives and rewards that increasingly add value to your membership experience. For more about this read through the various tiers. You will easily find one right for you! 

Content? Hundreds of hours of audio and video!
There are currently over 60 audio archives (each typically 2 hours or longer) available for download (at no cost), and over 40 video archives (each typically over 2 hours long) in our member's area. And of course, new shows are added frequently! 

We invite you to take a look at our grand experiment in audience supported broadcasting. Our members have a lot of fun discovering new information, watching our LIVE broadcasts from remote locations, and accompanying us to unusual sites as we investigate strange places and venture into the unknown. Many have joined our ongoing adventure trips, and there are many more planned.

The only thing missing is you! 

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