The Healers Prayer

Connect Me to the Universe 
The Mind of God 

Connect Me to Compassion 
The Heart of God 

Connect Me to the Earth 
The Manifested Garden of God 

Connect Me to Infinity 
The Realm of God 

Connect Me to Others 
The Image of God 

Connect Me That I Represent The Greatest Good 
The Presence of God 

I Connect to The Flow of Creation 
Embracing The Will of God 


I always enjoyed listening to the wind as I rode my BMW motorcycle. Though it might sound crazy, I could hear music and conversations as the wind rushed past my ears. The melodies or spoken words were easy to hear since I never wore a helmet. About 6 years ago, as Kathy & I drove to the east coast in our car the air conditioner broke down. We were in southern Colorado, it was pretty warn and we had the windows opened. Still hot, and wanting to hear that rush of the wind, I laid my head against the window frame and closed my eyes (yes, Kathy was driving). 

Within a few minutes I started hearing the familiar music in the wind. Then, something unexpected happened. I heard a voice so clear it startled me. As I listened the mysterious voice recited the same phrase several times. After finishing what you just read above, it began again. The voice was powerful and compelling. 

I asked inwardly what I was listening to. The voice told me this was a prayer I could use before I started working with someone asking for help. 

Within minutes I found a notebook and wrote down what I had heard. Now, I’m happy to share this with you. If you decide to share this with others please let them know it started out as a gift from God, who gave it to me that I could share it with you. 

I still listen to the wind…. I guess that’s why I enjoy sitting near waterfalls in the Eastern Amazon Jungle, or atop mountain peaks in the Andes. 

Best Wishes 
Jerry Wills