Terms and Conditions

Jerry and/ or Kathy Wills, Xpeditions, its associates, and affiliates are acting strictly as agents for you in obtaining the travel arrangements outlined in the trip itinerary. 

A $500 (US funds) deposit holds your place. You may make this payment by sending us a certified check or made a direct deposit to our bank (Chase). Once you have made your deposit (see Trip Payment Page) you next proceed to the "Registration Page" to complete the process. Tips and Taxes are your responsibility.

You may send a certified check - payable to "Xpeditions". We prefer this to using PayPal. However, you may pay using PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to do this. There is a 10% charge for this service. Please request a PayPal link by email

Deposits and Registration 
A completed and digitally signed registration form must be submitted for each passenger along with the appropriate deposit a minimum of 45 days prior to departure. These registration forms will be processed on a first come first served basis. Due to us limiting the number of passengers for each journey you will be notified upon our receipt of your deposit if space is available. Should the trip be sold out you will be given the opportunity to remain on a waiting list, transfer to another trip, or cancel your registration. Based on your decision you will be provided a full refund within 45 days or less. 

Should there be fewer than 6 participants (not counting the tour guides) there will an additional amount due. This amount can be determined by multiplying the total cost by 10% (example 2850 X 10% = 280.00). For 5 or fewer passengers any scheduled trip could be canceled. It is required that you purchase travel insurance. Depending on your travel insurance it could cover expenses encountered in preparing for the trip (air tickets, deposits, etc.). Check with your travel insurer for complete details and know your coverage.

Deposit forfeiture/ Cancelled Trip 
Should you cancel for any reason after your deposit has been accepted, all but 10% of the trip costs will be refunded up to 46 days prior to trip scheduled start date. Cancellations within 45 days to 30 days from departure are subject to a 50% cancellation fee. Cancellations within 30 days of departure are nonrefundable. 

Should the trip be canceled by Xpeditions for any reason or unavoidable situation (death or any personal disaster), political unrest, acts of God, or any reason for trip cancellation, it is the responsibility of your trip insurance. This is only one reason to have trip insurance - to protect yourself from unforeseen incidents. Though we do not anticipate an event such as death (or disaster) we live in a volatile world. To join any of our adventures it is required of you to protect your trip investment with insurance.

Trip Insurance is required -  (buy here)
From experience, we have found it essential to obtain traveler's insurance. It is not expensive and, depending on your level of protection, will reimburse you should any event keep you from traveling, or should unavoidable/ unexpected circumstances interfere with your journey. With trip insurance the investment you have made is protected should any accident, home emergency or misfortune occur. Medical help, evacuation and flight interruptions can be very expensive. Problems are easily negotiated with trip insurance. 

Invoicing and Payments 
It is your responsibility to provide full payment, less your deposit, no later than 35 days from departure. If full payment in the form of certified check or cash is not received 35 days from departure, you may be replaced on the trip and be subject to deposit forfeiture as specified above. In certain circumstances - and with prior approval - you may bring the balance with you to Peru. Under these situations, you are required to provide payment once you arrive. Payment can only be made with cash at that time. 

Individuals joining the trip at the last minute are required to pay in Lima using cash only. Payment must be accompanied by a signed registration sheet. It is your responsibility to present the full amount, including tips and taxes. 

Any cash brought to Peru as payment MUST be clean, free of any tears, and free of any markings. It's crazy, but if the paper money has any defect it will be useless in Peru. This includes any cash you bring for your own personal use! Check your paper money well before you leave on this trip!

All our adventures are based on double occupancy. Prices as quoted are per person. Those traveling alone may purchase a single room as detailed within the registration form. Those requesting assistance in selecting an appropriate roommate are subject to be charged for a single room if a suitable roommate cannot be found, or if space prohibits due to when you arrive on the trip schedule. We will make every attempt to find an appropriate roommate, but we cannot be held responsible for their suitability.

Trip Class and Standards 
All flights are provided by scheduled passenger airlines. You are subject to those carrier's terms and conditions in conjunction with these flights. It is your responsibility to inspect your international tickets to be certain dates and times are correct. International and domestic airfare is your responsibility.

Lodging used will be clean and livable, complete with bathrooms, hot (we can only hope) and cold (for sure) running water, room cleaning services and those other amenities one would expect, except while we are in the jungle or during an expedition, such as Markawasi. You are assigned accommodations as the guest of the Lodge, Hotels, and Hostels in which arrangements have been made. You are subject to all terms and conditions outlined by the specific accommodation provider. Tour operators reserve the right to substitute accommodations. If it becomes necessary to change lodging due to unforeseen events you might be required to pay an additional fee. Though you would need to pay this at that time, this should be covered by your trip insurance policy.

All ground transportation is provided. There are other options for travel. For example, in Iquitos, you might want to take the Moto-Taxi because it's a lot of fun. This cost is not included.

The scheduled pickup from the Lima airport is planned that everyone arrives at the same time, or close to the same time. If your flight arrives later or earlier than the pre-planned scheduled pickup you will need to secure, and pay for, your transportation to the hotel. It is essential you provide us your flight number and carrier before you leave for Peru. We can assist you with transportation recommendations if you will not, or do not, arrive within the scheduled pickup time. In the event your flight is delayed you will have the responsibility to notify us at your earliest via email. Chances are, someone from our team will be waiting for you to help unless we are already away from Lima.

Meals are provided as detailed in your itinerary. Any additional foods or beverages, or meals not covered within the itinerary, are your responsibility. Your tour price includes only those foods and beverages provided to the entire group. All meals are provided while at the Amazon Rainforest Lodge, but not provided during excursions into Iquitos or while visiting neighboring tribes.

Have snacks with you : )

All admission fees are paid as detailed in the trip itinerary. A trained English speaking guide accompanies each portion of the journey. 

Items Not Included 
Gratuities and/or special requested services, airport taxes, departure tax, or items of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, etc... essentially, any item not specifically detailed in the trip itinerary is not included in the price of the trip. 

Health Advisory, Physical Standards, and Attitude 
Currently, there are no requirements for shots or other inoculations to enter Peru. However, the U.S. health dept. suggests differently. It is your decision to protect yourself as they suggest. 

If you are under doctors care it is your responsibility to check with your physician regarding your ability, capacity, or condition in relation to the rigors of altitude (usually above 11,000 feet elevation) and/or travel. In other words, we offer the journey. It is up to you to ensure you are well enough to travel. 

If, once you arrive, or at any time during the trip: 

  •   You are unable to enter or exit any transportation due to a handicap we have not been made aware of 
  •   You are unable to walk due to injury suffered during the trip
  •   Become unable to take care of yourself during any portion of the trip due to severe illness or injury 
  •   Your attitude becomes aggressive or abrasive, you do not respect others, or you cannot (or will not) maintain proper cleanliness (body or speech)... 
  •   Are incapacitated from abusing drugs or alcohol (there are severe penalties for being caught with drugs like cocaine, Pot, or meth)

You will not be allowed to continue with the trip. We will do our best to help you find suitable accommodations, or help you return home at your expense.

By agreeing to the terms and conditions you agree that you fully understand, and do not hold liable, anyone associated with the trip if you are asked to exit the trip by the tour leader(s) or land operator within Peru.

It is your responsibility to be physically able to endure the rigors of traveling through a third world country. 

If you are unable to physically continue the journey or are found to be participating in criminal activities, you will be asked to leave the tour - no exceptions. These conditions are meant to protect those who have invested in this trip. This is an adventure of the spirit, and at times incorporates unpredictable experiences had during an expedition. The effort on our part is rigorous and demanding. We do our best to keep you safe and well cared for. We do not, and will not, take time away from the experience - or allow anyone to interfere with the trip - for any of the issues mentioned above. It just isn't fair to everyone else. 

However, it should be clearly understood that should you need help, are not feeling well, or have had an incident requiring patience or more time than usual, we will be there for you. You will never be left alone to fend for yourself, left behind, or made to feel like an impediment to the group. The rules outlined above are specifically for those who join us and have no common ground of being part of a team effort or exhibit a severe lack of respect and/or consideration for others within the group. I think you understand what we mean... If not, please ask : ) 

Upon your arrival, there will be several occasions where porters, lodge staff, maids, and the helpers for the Shamen will offer their assistance. In return, they will expect a tip. It is your responsibility to offer this if you feel they have earned it. We will brief you on appropriate tip amounts once we arrive in Peru if asked. 

Paper currency must have no ink spots, tears or look worn out - in other words, pristine currency. It is your responsibility to inspect each piece of paper currency making sure it is within these guide lines. 

Airport Taxes 
Traveling in Peru is different than US travel. Airport taxes are not included in the ticket price. Once at the airport, we must pay this tax before boarding. Tax at each airport is different. This is why we collect this at the beginning of the trip so you don't need to be bothered by it.

Ayahuasca Ceremony
To participate in the Ayahuasca Ceremony you are required to fill out and have witnessed a release form. This will be sent to you upon receipt of your trip registration. Anyone who does not have this with them once you arrive to Iquitos will not be allowed to participate.

Customer Disclosure Notice 
Jerry and Kathy Wills, Xpeditions Inc, Xpeditions TV and/ or their employees, agents, and affiliates (hereafter referred to as agents) will not be held responsible for any damage, expenses or inconveniences to persons or property, caused by any airlines, transportation companies, hotels, restaurants, or others involved in providing these services. Any price increases by land or air suppliers are your responsibility, the purchaser of the trip. You will be made aware of any increase once we have been notified, or otherwise, discover this has occurred. At that time we expect immediate remuneration of these costs in payment by cash. 

Agents and affiliates act only as representatives for you in coordinating and providing you with these arrangements. Any disputes arising out of these tours must be filed with the provider of that specific service within 30 days of trip inception. All prices quoted and trip details are correct at the time of printing but could change due to circumstances beyond our control. No other guarantees or conditions are written or implied.

As the leader of these tours, and the owners of the company, Kathy and I want to assure you that we plan to do everything possible to ensure you are treated in a professional manner that we would expect. 

Furthermore, Kathy & I want this trip to be the most fantastic adventure you have ever experienced, with your safety and well-being always clear and ever present in mind. Everything you have just read was meant to clearly state our policies and to ensure you understand you will be treated professionally. Each of us will see to this in every detail to the best of our ability! But, because unexpected things can sometimes happen, we require you purchase and show proof of purchase of Travelers Insurance. 

By submitting your deposit (or otherwise fully paying for your trip) you, therefore, agree you have read and agree to everything on this page.

What is Included...

    • Transportation to and from Iquitos airport (private bus) to Port of Bellavista  
    • Transportation to and from Amazon Rainforest Lodge (private boat)  
    • Meals, water, juice, fruit, coffee, and tea while at the lodge  
    • English speaking guide(s)  
    • Excursions, boat rides, visits to native villages  
    • Your lodging at The Amazon Rainforest Lodge 
    • One Ayahuasca Ceremony
    • Additional Ayahuasca Ceremonies require an additional payment of $75 cash to Shaman Mateo

What Is Not Included

    • Airport Taxes: Domestic (not much...) and departure tax  
    • Additional Ayahuasca ceremonies are offered at $85 per person per time 
    • Any fee's required by the Shaman for personal service (massage, etc...)  
    • Tips for baggage handles (*) 
    • Gratuity for lodge staff (collected at end of trip and given as group gift)  
    • Alcoholic beverages (lodge or otherwise)  
    • "
Moto Car" as transportation if you decide to use this instead of the bus  
    • Any item not specifically mentioned as supplied within the trip description 

(*) I always collect $50 from each person at the beginning of our adventure to pay baggage handlers. We have found this is much easier and less of an issue for everyone involved if Kathy or I manage this responsibility. Otherwise, it becomes quite a mess. I'll explain in greater detail if you need me to : )