Schedule Your Private Session

Jerry requests a donation of $350 for a healing session, whether in person or remotely. You can add an additional donation based on the value of the service rendered. Send funds using the PayPal "Friends and Family" option to do this. The amount depends on your ability to contribute. Your contribution is used towards goods and services for those who otherwise cannot afford a session. 

Payment Options 
We use PayPal to process credit cards for remote or in-person sessions. 

Once we have received your donation you will be contacted regarding the time and date Jerry will be available. This is usually within 7 days unless we are traveling abroad. We will work with your schedule as best we can. You may also donate by personal check. Your session would be scheduled once funds have cleared the bank. Contact us for the address.

A Gift of Love 
You may also use the PayPal link below to donate a healing session or to provide a gift of love for someone. Please use the "Include a note" area provided on the PayPal payment page to provide us with instructions about who the gift is for and if this is to be anonymous.  We will contact YOU for any additional information.

Please read this carefully. By submitting funds you agree to each point made below

Jerry Wills is not a professional or licensed health care practitioner and makes no claims in this regard. Although many whom Jerry sees receive miraculous reversals to their diminished conditions, we do not guarantee any results or outcomes, but leave that to God’s Will. If you are under the care of a physician or are taking medication you should consult your physicians before changing or discontinuing any medication or current medical treatment. Adjustments of prescribed medications should only be done under the direct supervision of a qualified licensed physician. Implementing new items or supplements may alter your medication needs. Any suggestions made during your session with Jerry should be considered opinion only, not a directive. 

Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You understand Jerry Wills is only acting in the capacity of a minister or spiritual advisor. No medical training, nor affiliation with any medical practice, is inferred or implied. Jerry Wills is not a doctor, does not diagnose, cure or treat. The information you receive is offered only within the realm of a spiritual advisor. You should consult a qualified physician regarding any medical condition for advice pertaining to your health. Your outcome is entirely in God’s hands. By clicking the icon “Buy Now” (below) you are assuring your acknowledgment of, and agree to, all that is written here, and that you completely understand without question each point made. Funds provided are considered a donation and are only for Jerry’s time spent with you in person or on the phone (remotely). You have up to one calendar year from the time your donation is received to make your appointment. After this, you will need to refund your session. There are no refunds. Your donation through PayPal assures you have read, understand and agree with this disclaimer and terms. 

Please click the link below to use PayPal after you have read and agree to the information above. By continuing you assure us you have read and agree to the information. If you prefer, use the address information supplied below to provide your donation. Mailed donations and requests must be accompanied by a written statement letting us know you have read and agree with all that is written upon this page.

There is a $10 transaction fee added for online payments
 Look for the transaction to be made to "XpeditionsTV". This is us, too ; )

After you submit...
Visit our "Contact Page" and send Kathy details of what days and times you are available. She will connect as soon as possible to work out the timing that is best for both of us. Keep in mind we are traveling full time. If there is a delay it could be due to numerous issues.

We are currently traveling across America in the Phaeton. Because our internet connection is occasionally unreliable, and because it is nearly impossible to answer while driving, we might take a little longer to contact you after you have funded your session. Usually, it is taking 5 days or so to answer and schedule. 

Remote (phone) sessions are now being scheduled at approximately 14 days from the time a session donation has been made.

In-person sessions are only being scheduled by request due to our travel around America. 

Due to the huge amount of emails, it is difficult to answer in a timely manner. We don't have a team of people here. It's just Kathy answering... and her fingers are getting flat from typing, haha : ) 

Contact us if you have any questions or comments. We will certainly try to provide you with an answer, but it will take a few days.