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Trip News and Information

Below is our trip news and blog section. Here you'll find details that help with trip planning and answers to questions others have asked. If you have a comment or suggestion send it in using our Contact Form. Answers will be posted here.

Clean Water Issues... No Joke : / 

Everyone is concerned about the quality of water they drink whether it is at home or during a trip. If you who are about to travel with us to Peru are concerned there is a way to rest easy about this.

I know how god-awful the water in Peru can be. We lived there for a year... Even the bottled water is sketchy! I've seen too many times piece of bug floating in my sealed bottle of water. It was creepy! We knew there needed to be a solution and we found one. It was bulky but worked as expected.

Now, there is…

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Hi Folks... Kathy and I will have the latest information for you the first of March. For now, you need to know the Kuelap portion of our trip is canceled. We needed 10 people to make this happen. we only have 4... More in a few days : )

Bringing Your Medications 

This is a simple one to answer : )

Seal your medications in a zip-lock bag and bring on your carry-on, or in your luggage. There are no issues bringing these into Peru.

Unfortunately, Cannabis is not recognized as a medication : (  although the Amazon is full of it, haha : )

If you are about to run out or need more (got lost, wet, etc...) you can easily visit a pharmacy in Iquitos. If it happens to be a medication requiring a prescription we will find you a doctor! No problems, only solutions!

Vaccinations : / 

I was recently asked about vaccinations (ugh)... As you probably know, we are not inclined to do this. Besides, there are no vaccinations against Malaria in case you were wondering about this.

Aside from that, there are NO VACCINATIONS required to enter Peru. Period.

We will not be headed off to any region where a Yellow Fever vaccination might be helpful. You find this vaccination necessary when going into the most remote areas of the jungle (Bolivian Amazon for example).

Yes, we have done this as a…

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Arriving Early? Staying longer? 

A few of you from places other than the US are wondering how to avoid being totally exhausted once you arrive. Good point! Because we are waiting AT the airport between our arrival and Iquitos departure - about a 5-hour span - it's a good thing to ask!

IF you want to arrive early and want help with a room we need to know in advance!
Why? So we can have our ground crew in Lima get this in place before you arrive. You will need secure ground transportation to a hotel, and a safe hotel! Believe me, there are…

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Security While Traveling 

Hi Folks...

Today I'm answering the next question. It's an important one that I feel you need to be aware of; Security while traveling!

Here's the question...

"Because Peru is a third world country with prevalent thievery, how safe will our checked baggage be during domestic flights? Should we lock our zippers? Should we try to only pack carry-on bags and avoid checked baggage all together?"

While you are usually free of concerns while traveling by air, this is no assurance someone isn't looking to see…

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FLIGHTS! Don't make a common mistake! 

I was recently asked about planning flights for our trip. This is information you really need to pay close attention to! Kathy and I have made this mistake a few times and know how easy it is to screw things up, haha ; )

First of all, it's important to mention international and domestic flights are not included in the cost of the trip. Why? Because the flights change unpredictably in Peru. Also, the best price is gotten at the Lima International Airport. Buying tickets ahead of time costs a lot more and…

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