Frequently Ask Questions

I'm often ask if allowing another energy healer to work with you after a session will interfere with the work I have done. I know many of you use Acupuncture as a remedy while others have various practitioners who utilize many methods to heal.

The quick answer is this; While they might be well skilled and have done a great job for you it
would be best to wait for a few weeks before allowing anyone to interfere with the energetic field I place. typically, the field I place lasts for about two weeks before your body fully integrates any changes I have caused. During that time, your field could be altered very easily. Why? Because energy is directed by intention. Someone not familiar with what I have done might "feel" there is a slight disturbance in your field and seek to correct it. You can think through how this would alter the field I managed.

After two weeks your body will have integrated the changes. My field will no longer be present. The changes will have become complete. Of course, it would STILL be possible for an unskilled practitioner to change it, so be advised. Choose someone you know is skilled and who will listen to you when you tell them of the work I have done.

Below are other question I have been 
asked... Let me know if your question is not here. I'll do my best to answer you.


1.   Has this worked for previous clients? 
Yes, Jerry has facilitated thousands of healings to date. Most agree they have had a tangible experience. For more information about this, we suggest you read through the “written testimonials” page or watch the numerous video testimonials here. 

2.   Will I feel anything? 
Some do and others do not. The most common sensation is one of heat or tingling within the body, although not necessarily the area Jerry is working on. There are no severe sensations that might cause concern. 

3.   Do we discuss the problem/ condition before you begin? 
Yes. I want to know as much detail as possible regarding why you are seeking Jerry’s help, including any previous treatments, prescriptions or supplements you may be taking. Please have this information with you. 

4.   Do my beliefs matter? 
There is no requirement that you believe in any spiritual philosophy. Jerry’s connection is one between you and God – even if you don’t believe in God, God still believes in you… What you believe is strictly your affair between you and whatever you perceive the Creator to be. In addition, Jerry has helped those who have no belief of any kind. The results are always the same. Think about it... What is the belief system of an infant or a young child? They can’t speak or tell you their thoughts. Still, Jerry has seen them completely brought back to normal. What really matters is what Jerry believes and how he connects with you. The rest is in Gods hands. You and God have a sacred plan that perhaps you will know more about during your session. 

5.   Is there a difference in success rates (in-person vs. at distance healing sessions)? 
No. Divine Will is moving each of us towards what we need most in our lives. If you have heard about Jerry and feel he can help you, this might be a good example. Therefore, if it is Gods Will you benefit, there is nothing that changes this. Distance does not matter!  And though Jerry enjoys being with clients in person, he realizes that many need help and cannot travel. As a result, remote sessions and travel to a client is offered for those who find it difficult to see Jerry in person. 

6.   Will I need more than one session? 
This is impossible to predict. This decision is left to you because you’ll know if additional sessions are needed or not. Many clients have total relief of their ailments from only one session. 

We feel uncomfortable when we hear about others doing this work who suggest multiple sessions. Our greatest wish is that you will have the results you expect the first time. Though we prefer this, it is true that you might benefit from a second or third session. This is something only you can really determine. We rely on you and how you feel after the first session to make the decision about any further sessions. 

7.   How long is a session? 
Both in-person and remote sessions usually last up to 60 minutes. 

8.   Will I see immediate results? 
Remember, we cannot offer a guarantee, but many who have a session with Jerry have experienced immediate positive results. Sometimes the events of healing require time to fully integrate within your body. It is no more unusual for healing to be evident at once than for it to take several days. Depending on your condition, you may need to take time for yourself in order to fully integrate the events set in motion by your session. As you finish your session, you will be provided with instructions. These might include a diet change, cleanse, mediation, exercise, sunbathing or simply to rest. If you follow the intuitive suggestions you receive,  chances are improved that you experience the same degree of success as those coming before you. However, if you disregard the advice or continue a lifestyle that caused or contributed to your condition, nothing will change. The healing process is one that includes you. 

9.   I want to schedule an appointment. What do I need to do? 
The only way to schedule a remote session is to visit the Schedule Your Session page (here)

To schedule an "in-person" session use our contact form (here) to begin a dialogue. We need to know when you can visit Jerry, and you will need to know where we are at any projected time since we are now traveling full-time. Once we have your contact information we can communicate with you by email or phone, through email is usually best.

10.  What do I need to do prior to the session? 
Whether you are coming to see Jerry in person or have a scheduled remote session, you should try to relax at least a half-hour before the session. Meditate, pray or do whatever you intuitively feel is the right thing for you. At the very least, relax in a quiet environment for 30 minutes. Take deep breaths occasionally and try to clear your mind. It is easier to connect with you if you are calm and peaceful. Place a smile on your face, relax, and expect a miracle. I always do… 

11.  What is the cost? 
Costs vary depending on whether you are visiting in person or having Jerry travel to your location. 

There are minimum costs associated with the services we provide. In-person with Jerry is $350 cash. By phone is $350 (plus a $10 service fee). For travel to your location please contact our office for additional details. 

For those facing financial difficulties, please contact us 

Do you have other questions? 
If so, please ask using the contact form here

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